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I would set the 300 and the .243 so the crosshairs and laser meet at 25 that should put you a little high at 100 like Art said. 2 or 3 high at 25 will put you very high at 100.The 30-30 and .22 I would put the laser dot 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch under the cross hairs that should get you close at 75 to 100 yds Like others said you have to shoot at whatever range you plan on using them.I've seen guns that were boresighted at Cabelas and Gander Mountain that were so far off if you had just stuck the scope on and shot them they would have been closer.The one from Cabelas had windage adj. bases and was a foot to the left at 25yds. How could they be that far off?

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