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Had mixed success today. Replaced the battery, removed the diffusers and with a black sharpie, colored the bullet of a factory round. Placed the tripod approximately 30' from the bench.

Fired one shot, Remington 250gr. CED M2 readout was 2392. Remington's Ballistics Calculator states muzzle velocity of 2660.

Fired another of the same factory round WITHOUT coloring the bullet black, E1 code.
Unclenick: I don't know what you mean by the E01 error?
I missed typed the E01, should have read E1.

Then I tried some reloaded ammo using the sharpie method:
1st shot = 2414
2nd shot= 2381
3rd shot =2391

The manual for the bullet/powder has a velocity of 2500 fps.

Next I fired 3 shot from a Weatherby 30-378 using factory "non-sharpied" ammo. E1 on each shot.

Next I tried the 45: Moved the tripod to about 10 feet from the bench:
1st shot= 438.1
2nd shot= 413.7
About 1/2 of expected velocity. Called it a day.

Dumb question time, does coloring a bullet have any effect on accuracy?
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