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I am in the process of acquiring another revolver (6.5" barrel) for hunting. It's a BFR in 480/475. It is not barrel heavy. I don't know if I'll mount a scope/red dot on this one until I shoot it a bit. But I would prefer to leave in iron sighted. It will take some practice to be able to hit a 6" paper plate at distances over 50 yds. I just hope it is more comfortable to shoot than the SRH.

After much practice I'm out to about 80yds. with the same BFR with irons as you're getting. Course that is from a rest and would feel confident taking a shot on a deer at that range on flat terrain. What I need practice with is how high I'll hit on a uphill/downhill shot at different distances versus the same distances shooting flat.
In other words, I need to spend more time with the BFR before I take to the woods.

Too, I think you'll find the BFR more comfy then the SRH with the 480's.The hot 475's can be a handful.
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