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IMR 4064 and 4895 are good choices for light or medium bullets, and their pressure curves make them a great choice for gasguns like the M1 Garand. But IMHO they're not optimum for big game loads with heavier bullets.

My favorite load for big game hunting in the .30/06 is a 180 grain Nosler Partition spirepoint on top of 61.0 grains of ReLoder-22 powder. I use once-fired Winchester brass and a Winchester primer. This load is good for about 2750 ft/sec out of my 22" barreled M70, a good 150 ft/sec above what most factory 180's actually produce from my rifle. It will consistently hold 1 1/4" at 100 yards. For "soft" game I use the Nosler 180 Ballistic Tip, which will put five rounds into 3/4" - on demand.

Sierra 180 flat-base spitzers will also go under 1" with this load, and are a bit cheaper than Partitions for practice. (Barnes X-Bullets? Terrible! Don't ask!)

This load is max. in some manuals, but even in the hottest weather, there are NO signs of excess pressure in my rifle.

My all-time favorite loads for .30/06 used Norma 205 powder, which, alas, hasn't been made for years.
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