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The laser will only get your 1st shot on paper at 25 yards, at least hopefully. You will be lucky if it is within 3-4" of where you aim. You still need to actually shoot your rifle at all ranges that you might shoot at game to determine where it is actually hitting. There are no shortcuts.

The idea is to use the laser to get it close enough so you actually hit the target with the 1st shot. I'd boresight so I was as close to the bullseye as possble at 50 yards. Fire a shot and adjust the scope. Then move on to 100 yards. Fire 1-3 shots and adjust the sights to impact where you want it to hit. Sounds like you want 1.5-2" higher than where you are actually aiming at 100 yards. You then move on to 200, 300, 400, etc. You have to actually shoot at those ranges and see what happens and make notes on how low, or high your bullets are impacting compared to where you are aiming. Many guys make a cheat sheet, laminate it and tape it to their stock.

I've found any type of bore sight tool to be useless. I place my rifle on the rest, remove the bolt and look through the barrel. I adjust my scope so the crosshairs are on the same spot the barrel is pointing before firing a shot. Takes about 2 min. These are the 50 yard targets I used to sight in 3 scopes a few weeks ago. This is the 1st shot @ 50 yards using the method I described.

You'll be lucky if a laser gets you that close with the 1st shot.
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