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What is your definition of reliable ammo

Rimfire need not apply !!!!!

OK now in the last 6 months or so i've shot a few thousand rounds ( give or take ) of 223 , 5.56 , .308 , 30-06 , 12 gauge , 9mm , 380 , 40 S&W . All factory ammo off the shelf

There are a few things I am starting to notice .

1) . I never have any prolems with hand gun ammo , It always goes bang when I pull the trigger and I think thats all Im looking for out of hand gun ammo . DOES IT GO BANG EVERY TIME ? I do have nice hand guns IMO , XD , beretta , ruger . That may make a difference .

2 ) . As for rifle ammo . Does it simply have to go bang every time for it to be reliable or is there more you expect out of your rifle ammo ? hand gun ammo for that matter as well .

3 ) . Yes we all want the ammo to be as accurate as any given gun can shot it , but does that have anything to do with reliability ?

4 ) . Im seing less problems in general with bolt action vs semi auto's . I assume this is do to the fact there is just a hole lot less going on in a bolt action then a semi auto while being fired , YES ?
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