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Laser bore sighting

Okay as some of you remeber I just got my weatherby 300. I am using remington 180 Core-lokt, I just got a laser bore light and only have 25 yards to use.

I was going to go the normal 1.5 low from the laser to offset the scope, but figured since some have been telling me to go 2-3 high for point of impact at 100, what could I do at 25 to help me get there now. I do not have a range close and I wish I could shoot in my backyard.

I also have a 243 30-30 and marlin 60 I am getting sighted in as well and all of them I have set the scope 1.5 inches lower than the beam

The 22 I will use for small game, and the 3030 I will not shoot farther than 100 yards anyways.

The 243 and 300 is what I am concerned with the 243 I am using federall 100 grain sp.

One site says that my round will intersect at 25 and 200 meters so if I go point of aim point of impact at 25 with boresight I should be center mass at 200, correct.

Someone help me out I am bored and cannot go shoot
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