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CZ 22 LR 452 vs 455

HamsterHamster: That 452 TRAINER really felt good didn`t it. My Son and I have been shooting the 452 Trainers for several years now. Mine is the most accruate 22 I own, the birch stock is very well made and fitted on mine, and the rifle just says quality and you can feel it when you hold one. You can put a scope on a CZ 452 TRAINER a couple of the guys I shoot with have done it. The mounts are high models that they ordered, so it can be done. The trigger can be adjusted and the sights mean just what they say slide them up to 100 yds and then to 200yds and see where you are hitting. I found that hard to belive but both of ours will break clay pigions laying on the 200 yr berm with out any problems. I have no experience with the CZ 455 so I can`t personly comment on them, but the guys I know that have both say the 452 is better. GOOD LUCK TO YOU: ken
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