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It's all semantics. While there is a difference between a clip and a magazine, it is not unusual to see the two interchanged. It's a result of ignorance, perhaps, but it is really only an indication of the way language is dynamic and constantly changing. Take "pistol" and "revolver" for example. Some swear there is a difference. But if you look at the history, "pistol" comes from the Italian town of Pistola"

But some swear that a revolver is not a pistol. The US Navy was the first to be so obstinate in my memory, but others may also have participated for some reason or another . I say just go with the flow and don't get your panties in a tight knot over evolving language differences. After all, if the speaker/writer was so far off base you wouldn't know what he's talking about.

Does anyone question that Wild Bill Hickok was a pistolero? He used only revolvers for handguns.
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