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kraigwy,I take it you measured drop at the comb to sight height.The 1/2 inch difference is even less significant if you figure in drop at the heel.The M-16 has zero,the Garand has some.

These days most folks are carrying the M-4 .The collapsable stock is useful for varying LOP.From up close and moving with the butt on the chest below the eye,stock collapsed,to extended for conventional positions,tall to short,thats pretty ergonomic,too.

The vertical foregrip is pretty common .I have the folding Yankee Hill on mine.Now,I'm talking my scoped prairie dog gun.I sometimes shoot in a modified Hawkins position.My left fist is on the ground.The vertical foregrip is in that fist.Very low,best with 20 rd mags,and very steady.
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