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Frank, Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I actually got the idea from a reality show about a Mammoth Lakes, CA enforcer, who keeps the bear population at bay with "non-lethal" force. It seems from what I have witnessed, that a bear is almost never killed in this town due to the decisions and expertise of this individual. Of course, if a bear simply cannot be "convinced" to stay away from people and their homes, an "order to kill" is issued. The program has been so successful, that it has received national attention, and only a single bear has had to be put down in the last three years.

I am an animal lover, and only wish to obtain a serious, but non-lethal, deterrent. My thought is that a gun that looks, sounds, and fires like a real shotgun (and still fires a very painful round), should suffice for my purpose. Thanks again. I'll check into it further.

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