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I agree it is a very different world today than growing up in the sixties. I also know that in 1966 at 10 years old, if I had come home and told my mother the neighbor had let me hold his rifle without her knowledge and permission there would have been unhappy consequences for me, and him. She may not have had a problem if she knew and trusted that person, but I'm guessing had she or my father not been there they would not have approved. Truth is if one of my grandkids came home with the same story today I would not approve.

With all that said, I also feel bad for the kids out there who may never get a chance to know the joy of doing things that we take for granted. Learning to safely and properly handle firearms was a right of passage for many of us. My grandkids have never seen or handled any of my guns because my daughter and her husband do not approve of them. When they get a little older and able to make their own choices I will teach them to use them. Until then I will continue to respect their right to raise their kids as they see best. It makes me sad and feeling a little hollow also...
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