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I have used many different handguns, GP100 with fiber optic iron sights all the way up to my current T/C 44 mag w/ red dot. The one I wish I still had was my SBH hunter 7.5 barrel. I would really like to try a 629 6.5 inch but I can't afford it right now. I tried pistol scopes for a couple of years and I couldn't get on target quick enough and I ran into problems with the angle of the sun affecting my sight picture, (sun behind me.) I usually hunt my bow stands which are set for 20-30yds during bow season but with the foliage gone during gun season it opens up to 50-60yds. My advice to you is 41mag or above and 5 inch barrel or longer. But this is just my opinion. Don't mess around with the lower calibers. Winchester WB 44 mag ammo is mild and is easier to shoot then a hot 357 mag load. The Ruger Blackhawks are a great value but with the standard iron sights it will cut down your shooting time, (fine for am hunts but the last 20 minutes of legal shooting time at the end of the day it can be hard to pick up those sights.) Good luck.
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