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Originally Posted by Dan Manasia
...I would like to obtain a Non-lethal, i.e., rubber bullits, to protect my animals and my home. I do not want to kill any animals or any people...
They are usually called "less lethal" munitions. They are not guaranteed not to inflict a mortal injury, and people have been killed by them. They are also not always effective at stopping a determined aggressor.

Various types of less lethal munitions are used by law enforcement. Standard procedure in using such munitions against a potentially lethal threat is to do so only with another officer with immediately available lethal force as back-up.

There are potential legal issues as well. Less lethal munitions will generally still be considered lethal force. As such, they may be used only in circumstances in which the use of lethal force would be legally justified. They are not really a part of the continuum of force alluded to elsewhere in this thread.

Originally Posted by Dan Manasia
...I do not want to kill any animals or any people....
I understand, and that is certainly your decision and choice. But please be aware of the limitations of less lethal munitions and the legal issues. Also be aware that sometimes even lethal force will not immediately stop a determined, potentially lethal attack.

Originally Posted by Dan Manasia these types of rounds exist for retail purchase, and are they compatible with a conventional shotgun??
I know that there are various types (rubber bullets, beanbags, etc.) of less lethal munitions available that may be used in conventional shotguns. I don't know if they are legal in Nevada for private citizens or readily available for retail purchase. I suspect that there are any number of on-line sources.
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