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Rustle in the Bushes: I Shoot a SAKO 30-06 and I shoot 110gr V-MAX`S up to the REM 220gr COR-LOCK`S. I am a died in the wool 30-06 fan. I have tried the SABOT 55gr bullets from REM and even tried reloading them my self don`t seem to work for me yet but haven`t given up all tograther, The 110 gr and 125 gr works great fro me on Coyotes and Varmints. and the 130gr thru 220gr works for everything else I have ever hunted, Lhave never hunted any large bears or hunted where they were. As far as recoil I am getting more recoil senteativy all the time. To me 110gr`s recoil less than the 220gr bullets, but I am real leary of using squib loads and have never done it or even shot any of them. I use a good recoil pad and I am going to be getting a PAST RECOIL pad that you wear. You are going to love your SAKO in 30-06 other than a good 22 LR rifle, you won`t really need another rifle. You will have most everything you will hunt covered. I wish I had hunted your county when I was young, I am to old now and I truely regret not seeing your Moutains. GOOD LUCK TO YOU: ken
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