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This is not necessarily true. Sierra makes no mention of this difference in their 223 bolt and AR articles, while they certainly do for 308. In 223/5.56 there happens to be very little spread between brass makers, including commercial and military.
Further, here are some actual measurements to demonstrate this is not true at all, at least not consistently among different manufacturers of military cases (Radway is UK, Hirt. is Austrian, etc.). You will see that Lake City 06 actually have the highest capacity.
If you study that table you will note that both the weight and capacity of the cases is markedly similar, within ~2% for case weight, and water capacity, with military cases interspered throughout the spread. IMO there is no need, or reason, to use different loads between military and commercial 223.
@Marco Califo - Thank you for the response and for those PDF files. I'm off to Kinko's to go print out all the material I massed up over the last few days

I'm going to set aside the gear this week and dedicate my free time to reading and watching the instructional videos I've gathered off youtube and other various sources.
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