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Stop, go no further. Read, read, then go slow to COMPLETELY understand every step. What I put in bold type is a very bad thing for a reloader. You MUST have patience, there's no shortcuts to good ammo.

HA-HA???¿¿ There's nothing funny about blown up guns, missing fingers, or destroyed eyesight. All of which could happen if you don't relax and pay attention.

Is this your first attempt to load any ammo? You picked a very demanding cartridge to load, made worse by not understanding the process.

We're here to help, but you need to do your homework. Do you know anybody that is an experienced loader? The best thing is to go watch the process done while you watch, then to sit down and do a few rounds while he/she watches.
@snuffy - I appreciate your concern. I can assure you that I practice safety in the use of my reloading equipment. I am in no way looking for any injury to myself or my firearms. I understand that this will take time to learn and I don't plan on taking any short cuts or doing things half-assed.

I chose to reload this type of ammo simply because that is the kind of ammo my rifle shoots. I understand that their may be simpler cartridges to work with, but they wouldn't do me any good if I don't have a gun to shoot them with.

Yes, this my first attempt at reloading or 2nd rather. My first batch didn't go well as mentioned in the above posts.

I do not personally know anyone else that reloads, which is why I joined this forum.
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