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BTW the European moose is smaller than ours.
The Alaskan Moose is the largest subspecies; the Shiras Moose is the smallest and happens to be found in the Lower 48. An Eurasian Moose is still bigger than an Elk. Still shows that the 6.5 has offerings that have the necessary combination of Sectional Density (needed for penetration) and Kinetic Energy (needed to do the work) to get the job done.

In Scandinavia they use the 6.5 for moose routinely. Moose have a reputation for being stupid tough animals.
Tough yes, stuipid NO!
"Stupid Tough"...... Bullet sponges. If you don't hit them right, you are going to be pulling it out of a lake.

It still comes down to the fact that the OP has two viable options on the table for his stated purpose.

To match a 6.5 140 gr. bullet in S.D. he will need a 30 cal. 190 gr. bullet. To match a 160 gr. 6.5 he will need a 30 cal. 220 gr. If he keeps the velocities the same and matches the SD in an equal weight gun, the 30-06 will have about 35% more recoil.
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