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I think most of the clones are a bit guilty of that. In a sense, Cimarron's closest SAA equivalent actually is aptly named, it's just that some folks don't make the connection/recognize. It's the "Model P"--per Colt's original Model P moniker--which has a few variants of finish/trim. Once there on the website, you can see other models, when viewed are basically the same gun, just may have some special feature like factory tune job, or super short barrel, birdshead grip (which was never a Colt factory offering in their SAA line (DA yes - 1877 and 1878 models).
the "Model P Jr" is just that - a 3/4 (or whatever) scale "P" for smaller calibers or, in the case of .38, less powerful and shorter cartridges.

I think they all try to stay away from the most often used
name used by Colt of "SAA" or "Single Action Army" since they are not, in fact, SAA's but clones, ...especially while Colt is still building them (and may still be proprietary?)...But yes, it can be confusing. Especially Uberti itself (their own website/offerings, with close to a dozen--it seems--different monikers for essentially the same gun (but different finishes, etc). Believe it or not, Cimarron is one of the least-worst offenders!

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