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Thanks everyone. I did some more research and also tried a couple example reloads just to see how everything turned out. As it turns out...most of this is the empirical evidence BigJimP's words. He does indeed speak the truth!

1. Did two hulls of super target to see if they'd be okay. Overall quality was significantly lacking and I will be discarding them. I don't think there would be a problem firing them, but I'd rather be shooting better constructed rounds in both practice and competition.

2. I reloaded four boxes of Gun Club hulls. All of them turned out fine, though the first couple did have a slightly deeper crimp. I made a quick adjustment on my MEC Sizemaster and got great shells. The reloaded well, but don't have the same quality as the other ones.

3. Reloaded 5x STS hulls (found in excellent condition at the range last weekend). Had to put the crimping station back to the original setting (the one I used for AA hulls) and they worked fine. Their feel, handling, and finished appearance generally match or exceed the AA hulls I was working with.

Verdict: It's nice to be able to find used hulls in good condition and lower the overall price per round over the course of a year. That being said, since I practice for and compete in registered NSSA competitions, I want consistency and quality. My local store has cases of Win AA at a great price, so I will probably shoot and reload those exclusively from now on. That way I can keep my settings, recipes, and shooting as consistently as possible.

Special thanks to BigJimP.
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