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1)Thanks for the compliment on my guns!

2)The Six Series were the first revolvers that I had a strong desire to collect. Although I eventually started adding both Colt and Smith-Wesson revolvers to my collection, I always tended to snatch up every nice Security/Service/Speed-Six revolvers that I'd come across. There is just something about these fine revolvers that keeps drawing me to them.They are a near perfect medium frame revolver because they are super strong for their size and they are easier to carry than a GP100. Unless you are firing ultra hot loads, the somewhat extra strength of the GP100 is not needed. Make no mistake-the Six Series revolvers are as tough as nails and are not weak by any means! This is not to knock the GP100 because it is a fine revolver but IMO is not as classy as the Six Series and too bulky for my tastes. The only exception is the GP's with the half lug barrel profile-as these look similar to the Security and Service-Six revolvers and weigh just a couple of ounces more. Currently, I only have one 4" stainless(chambered in .38 Spec.), one 6" stainless, and one 6" blue, half lug GP's.

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