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There are some of us around here who wouldn't dream of living without at least one SKS in the stable. Heck everybody should be issued one at birth.

Back when they hit our shores, they were taken for granted as were most (especially foreign) milsurp guns. They were an incredibly good bargain at $89.95, and they're still a good bargain at $350.

Where I live, you can still find them at yard sales and in the sale papers for $200 and up, and when I hear folks talking about Mini 14's and Mini 30's, I think -- Why?

I was thinking about picking another one up, but not for $300, stamped receiver, pinned barrel, no bayonet.
If you in fact found one with a stamped receiver, it would be a fairly rare variant, and you would have guys standing in line to give you $300 for it. jd
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