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Out to 300 yards you will not be able to tell a difference between the 3 you mentioned. The 308 win is only slightly slower than the 30-06, same bullet selection. The 270 is a 30-06 necked down to 27 caliber. It is a little faster than the other 2 and has a better ballistic coefficient with the same weight bullets. All together it will be a personal opinion not a performance based decision. Yes a bolt action is more likely to be more accurate, but every rifle is different. You can't say that any action type is more or less accurate because they can all be accurized, but a bolt action is the easiest to make more accurate. You likely will need lots of practice at 2-300 yards before the difference between a bolt and break action will show on the target. Get the one that you can find ammo for. The wolf ammo is likely less accurate than the expensive stuff but it would give you more practice for less $. Again you probably will need lots of practice to see the difference between ammo makers. Good luck and have fun.
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