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I've posted this several years ago so in this thread I will give you the Reader's Digest Version:

I lived in a high rise Condo. You need to get through a guard to get through a gate and then need to get through a second guard to gain access to the building. I was alone in my Condo when I heard the door open, knowing there was no scheduled maintenance, I went to investigate. I was met by three armed individuals. They shot me, left me for dead, and cleaned out nearly $200,000 worth of art and other valuables.

It couldn't happen here because of the security around and in the building? Obviously I was wrong. I moved from the Condo after my recovery and into a gated community. However, I have a state of the art security system, a four legged early warning system, and always carry a firearm on my person or right next to where I am sitting or sleeping. I no longer have thoughts of it couldn't happen here and hopefully have planned for every contingency by playing the "what if" game from every area of the house, every window, and every door.
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