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Well, somebody must still be using Jordan style holsters for automatics, because I have one. No, it doesn't look exactly like his did, to be sure, but it has a slight butt forward tilt, and has a drop of just about the same amount, which puts the trigger guard just below the level of the belt. If the belt is actually worn at the waist, the pistol is perfectly vertical (but with the butt forward cant). Mine was made for the CZ 75 P-01, which is stamped on the back.

It is also a thumb snap holster and the trigger guard is covered. There is a distinct slot for a jacket but that's partly a byproduct of the design for a thumbsnap, if you follow me. I suppose it's an arguable point but it's pretty much a Jordan-style holster, just a little updated.
That is enough difference that I would not call that a "Jordan style holster". That sounds more like the typical duty holster for automatics worn by nearly all uniformed police today. Jordan was very specific in what he considered the ideal.
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