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Found rifle....or most of one

In my line of work as a librarian, I get a lot of weird questions, but this definitely takes the cake for the week

Patron came in yesterday looking for a book on antique guns. After talking to him a bit more I find this out:

He was doing some work under his house and found, what I believe to be based on his description, the majority of an old trap-door rifle minus the stock.

I asked him to bring it in and I would attempt to identify it for him and try to find out if it has any value.

So here are my questions - to start anyways:
Depending on maker and model, would the remnants of a rifle that has sat in mud for god only knows how long even have any value?

Assuming it is still mud-caked and a bit rusty - what is a safe way to clean it up enough to ID from any stamps or markings without completely obliterating any monetary or collector value that it may still have?
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