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Yeah well they shot so well that I loaded some more and they shoot fantastic too, and are on the mild side for a 454. I realize that Bullseye blows up a lot of guns, but there's a lot of people that don't pay attention to what they're doing either. I didn't just get off the loading boat with my first Lee press.

I load 454 single stage and I charge the cases and set in the load block, then look over all the cases to make sure they all have same amount of powder in them. Then I check them 3 more times for you guys and again when I go to seat the boolits in them.

Bullseye seems to be a great powder for light weight boolits in the 454. The load's in the book so I'm not sure why everyone's skittish about them. Perhaps it would not be the best powder for a newbie to use but it's working fine for me. I had to know. I happened upon a good load.

That said, don't use Bullseye in a 454. I wouldn't want you guys to double/triple/quad charge your cartridges.
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