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I'm very pleased with my Theis Holster for my LC9. It was the first IWB holster that I bought... and did so on a recommendation in another forum. I've had it now for about 8 months, and the "new leather" squeek is no longer there. Once it shaped around my body I no longer felt the need to tug and twist on it. Only bad thing, and it's not the holster, is that the grip on the LC9 is pretty rough and if I'm not wearing a tee-shirt it tends to rub against my skin sometimes. If I were to buy another one, I'd ask that the leather be extended to include protection from the grip. Mr. Theis, I assume, would take the time to do this if asked.

I've asked my wife for one of his Jake Belts for Christmas this year. Hopefully she listened, but if not... I've been known to buy my own gifts.
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