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Hal wrote:

Anyhow - I noticed the comment about rubber grips. Does that mean you don't use them?
I find that curious.
If that's the case, then you and I are in a definite minority there.
I detest rubber grips. Not only are they too "grabby", I never felt any supposed cushioning effect using them.

My first experience with rubber grips came when i was introduced to the Thompson Contender. I was shooting several different calibers, starting out with a .30-30 as an introductory trial, then working up to the .45-70. The gun was fitted with Pachmyers, and by the end of the day my hand was blistered and raw. Those grips rolled up a little fold of skin in the web of my hand and rolled it until it was raw.

I tried them again on a K-Framed Smith & wesson but found they offered too much "grab" for fast good shooting, as I could not shift my hand as needed between draw and firing. And, in time they get an unpleasant feeling, sort of sticky-mushy feeling.

Bob Wright

P.S. I see you're located in Ohio. It was in Ohio that I had this experience with Thompson Contenders, near a little town named Cadiz, near Steubenville. A man over in Wintersville had made some custom barrels for Contenders.
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