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I used CLP and Hoppes for years. Discovered Eezox about six years ago; been using it ever since (although I still use Hoppes for cleaning barrels and cylinders--seemed like a waste of money to use it for cleaning). Truth to be told, I converted after reading these two articles:

It is kind of pricey and can be difficult to find...nobody carries it locally, so I have to pay shipping--I just buy enough to make it worth while. Unfortunately, I seem to end up giving as much away as i use. I have converted several local shooters. Oh well, when I order I've always got someone else to split shipping wth

About two years ago I tried Ed's Red (equal parts acetone, mineral spirits, diesel fuel and automatic trans fluid). It is a very good CLP, as good as anything I have used. Note that I shoot lead almost exclusively, so I cannot comment on it's effectiveness on copper.

These days I use Ed's Red for everyday stuff. I still use the Eezox as a wipe down protectant, especially on guns that do not get shot as frequently.

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