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isn't this the sign you shouldn't call someone an idiot for using 44 special in a 40 ounce 44 mag?
All depends on what they have to stop or drop w/that .44....

I first experimented with heavy .44 Special loads around 1953 or 1954, and have shot a full range of hard kicking stuff up to the .45-70. This amounts to some quarter million rounds fired over nearly sixty years. Maybe its the way I shoot or my grip, but never felt any damage except to my hand when using rubber or ill-fitting grips.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a macho man by any means, but I believe those who have problems have it because of diet, life style, or some cause from natural aging.
You have me by 2 decades there...
I got into the heavy hitting .44mag loads in the 1970's.
I never went above the .44mag - but - a 24 gr load of Hercules 2400 under a 240 grain slug - is a stout load (I was going to say in anyone's book - but - that load is well above "book").

Anyhow - I noticed the comment about rubber grips. Does that mean you don't use them?
I find that curious.
If that's the case, then you and I are in a definite minority there.
I detest rubber grips. Not only are they too "grabby", I never felt any supposed cushioning effect using them.

Also Re: "Life style"...
Wouldn't an "addiction" to "big boomers" be part of "life style"?
I know in my own case, early on (as witnessed by the above over book load), I was all about getting the biggest boom I could possibly get.
As accurate shot placement became my primary goal, my "lust for power" diminished.
My "life style" shifted in that regard.
Instead of seeking to make a lot of noise - and miss a lot - I began to take more note of the actual purpose and function each part of the ballistic puzzle plays.
Now, my "life style" is a lot more sedate & it's reflected in my belief that a 240 grain swaged lead hollow point semi wad cutter loaded to just shy of sonic (1100 fps) will do everything needed done out to 25 yards.
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