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I used to do the fair chase bit, but deer run a lot faster than I can and I've picked up a few pounds over the years. I much prefer sitting in a box stand, watching a crossing, near a creek, with a feeder. I've also got my smartphone, my tunes, and my thermos. A comfortable chair and a propane heater. Once I get ensconced in my stand, I don't much care if syrup goes to six bits a sop.

I shoot the odd deer occasionally, mainly old does and weird little spike bucks that come around (we've got a genetic problem on the lease, and I'm trying to thin them out). I really think that if a magnificent 12 pointer came out, I'd try for a photo and let him walk. We need his genetics, and when I'm eating fried backstrap it's hard to tell which deer it came from.

I used to duck hunt with an old man who would pour his coffee, light his pipe, and remark "if the ducks don't come here, they won't get shot." He never picked up a duck call, and only shot the ones trying to land in the blocks. I've adopted his hunting style, but adapted it to whitetail deer.
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