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Aren't these the same people who are trying to get gun violence classified as a disease?
CDC is far from a monolithic entity. There are advocacy groups and data groups and they don't all talk to each other. Plus since the arrival of Obamacare there is a lot of reorganization and changing priorities.

Just because this statistic seems to be realistic (and in our favor in the gun control argument) does not mean it is automaticly accurate, or trustworthy.
Generally if you read MMWR you'll find that data limitations are addressed in the fine print or appendix to an article. Notice that right up front this article mentions that only some states were included and California was excluded because they did not have statewide data only 4 counties.

MMWR data is going to be good. The conclusions/ recommended actions if any, may be flaky.

The anti-gun folks almost never use accidental firearm deaths because there are so few.
All data is flawed, some just less so.
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