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Strafer Gott

Thank you OG! Talk about shooting. Really nice. And multiple guns. You should re-post on the " beware the man with one gun" thread. Thanks again.
I don't want to detract from Bushmasters post but he was getting some doubts and I just wanted to show that most guns can do it if the shooter is willing and able. As for multiple guns the only handguns I do not shoot at 200 yards are my black powder revolvers, all my guns get shot at 7 yards to 100 yards. I am a firm believer that you should be able to shoot whatever gun you have in your hand because you never know what gun will be available to you in a strange place and a bad situation. If you only have one gun to shoot you are a little limited but if you have the opportunity to shoot other calibers and other types you should avail yourself of the opportunity.
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