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No, its not...both the Savage Axis & Marlin X-7 beat the pants off of it, in precision and workmanship...
the X7 starts at $299...and is so far ahead of the rest of the sub $500 pack it ain't even funny...
Button-rifled barrel
Fluted bolt
Pillar bedded
Recoil pad
and a Profire Adjustable Target will shoot under 1" at 100 yards if the shooter can do his part.
under 2" at 200 yards is no problem if the shooter can do his part, for that matter...

The Axis doesn't have the Accutrigger, and the barrel ain't as precise as is slightly more expensive brother (11 or 16)...but it'll do a good job.

Ruger has never impressed me for precision shooting, until you throw another $500-1500 in one...which kinda kills the inexpensive point...

Mossy's ATR, heck, go hold one...kind of hard to take them seriously in the bolt-action category after looking at the rest...
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