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In an old revolver caliber not widely used, the older stuff might be all you have.

Flat nosed bullets moving fast can create a large wound channel.

A SWCHP can expand, and if not, its still a SWC.

Now if we are talking say... 9mm... 40... 45...

And the choice was between some Federal Hydra-Shok and Federal HST, Speer Gold Dot, or Winchester PDX1...

I would go with the newer designs.

Its all about consistent performance over wider ranges of conditions.... and the modern hollow points have more consistent performance over wider performance envelopes and scenarios/situations outside of the norm or ideal.
True. Since revolvers don't have to feed ammo, they can have a good old fashioned soft lead semi wadcutter with a huge hollowpoint and work just fine, a design that won't reliably work in many autos which generally have to employ newer technology to work comparatively as well.
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