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You can also hit the mag release with your shooting hand while reaching for a second magazine, and if the magazine is correct, it will fall under its own empty weight, allowing your free hand to come up and insert the next magazine and hitting the bolt release (if you ran the rifle dry)

All Without taking the rifle from your shoulder, or your eyes off the sights/target.
I can't seem to do this with my rifle. From a standing position, I can't hold it against my shoulder, with only my right hand on the pistol grip. When I take my left hand off the handguard to reach for a mag (or to do anything else), the muzzle falls down, rotating the stock off my shoulder. My usual process is to drop the mag and then point the weapon at the sky, holding it in my right hand, while using my left to insert a new mag. Then back on target.

I have a 16 inch barrel, a modest 4x scope, no light or assecories mounted forward. I have handled other AR carbines, and mine does not seem unusually muzzle heavy. They all seem a bit muzzle heavy. Am I doing something wrong?

I don't want to derail the discussion too much. I love the AR-15 and consider it to have very good ergonomics... BUT, it is different from most other rifles. If you are accustomed to shooting bolts, levers, pumps, you get use to supporting the weapon with your left hand while your right hand loads and manipulates the action. The AR-15 may be better, but it is different, and that takes some getting use to. Particularly if you shoot a wide variety of long guns.
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