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9mm 1911's that I have first hand experience with.....

I own a 9mm STI Spartan full size. Zero issues or malfunctions. I use it as my IDPA gun, but don't carry it. Ceap pricetag (around $625), but only a parkerized finish and built in the Philippines by Amscor for STI. I honestly hate the way it looks, but love the way it shoots.....deadly accurate and never fails.

I own a 9mm Dan Wesson Guardian commander bobtail. Beautiful gun, fit and finish is superb. Lightweight and easy to carry, which I do sometimes. Very accurate, but is ammo sensitive. Chamber is so tight, I actually use the barrel as a guage for my reloads. The reloads that don't fit in the Guardian barrel get used in the Spartan. Price around $1500

I also own a 9mm STI Guardian CCO. This one is an officer size frame with a commander slide. Easiest of the 3 to conceal carry....which I bought it for and will carry most of the time once its proven itself. Only one range trip so far, plan on really running it hard tomorrow. Very well put together and tight, but finish is slightly lacking to the Dan Wesson. (not a big deal, I bought it to carry) Price around $1025

I have 2 good friends and shooting buddies that each have a 9mm 1911. One is a Springfield loaded full size. One trip back to Springfield when new to fix extractor issue, been 100% perfect since then. The other is a STI Off Duty, which is a 3" barrel officer model. My buddy has just crested 1000 rounds with it with zero issues.

I would seriously give STI a hard look if you consider a 1911 in 9mm. They build a great product at a reasonable price and have a lot of different models to choose from. 3", 4", 5", and 6" brrels, steel and aluminum frames...lots of options.
Dan Wesson also makes a superb product at a reasonale price, although they only offer 2 models in 9mm. (actually 3, but good luck finding one of their new ECO models)

I'm quite sure there are plenty of other quality 9mm 1911's out there, these are just the ones I have personal experience with.
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