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Bill Carson
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Mystery solved ??

The topic of the 'dug relic pistol' really caught my attention. I have been to the post looking at it many times. Like one of the other posts, I had the idea it might be a composite built conferderate piece. Especially the round barrel and early style latch, but the small 31 cal.? and 5 shot cylinder do not fit any known scenarios. Then this week, I was looking through my research material related to Conferderate revolvers and ran accross a photo of a 1849 Colt Pocket pistol with a Dragoon style barrel. It seems collectors have seen some of these but they are very rare. Apparently, Colt, either made these as a marketing test or unknown experimental piece. Another pausible reason, they were made as a short run for a specific company or military outfit. The photo and detailed explanation can be seen in 'James D. Julias', March 15 & 16, 2010 sessions 2 of 2 aution catalog, page #166. These are pretty neat looking and am thinking of making one.
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