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"This is not a practical exercise, nor is there any intended purpose behind the question. I'm just curious."

I actually did this...

Although I like to reload I was spending far too much time reloading and not enough on my real hobby, SHOOTING.

For me the .223R and .308W were "givens".

I've discovered the 6.5mm cartridges to be so versatile, I needed nothing else and SOLD ALL rifles other rifles (still have a 7X57 Mauser I plan to sell).

Replaced ALL of these other rifles/calibers/CARTRIDGES with a pair of 6.5mm cartridges.

The 6.5 Grendel for the AR-15 and the .260R for NON AR-15 rifles.

Doing this worked so good I did the same over .308W. This time the .45-70 was a "given" and sold everything in between.

Replacing all of these with a single cartridge, the .338-06.

There are "exceptions" to every rule. For me those are the M-1/1903 in .30-06, an Egyptian Hakim and K98 in 8X57mm and if I ever find one, a Savage 99 in .358W!

Figure with the .223R for varmints, I can hunt anything in the Western hemisphere with just these 2 rifles!

If I ever make it back to Africa to do more than just work I would be well armed for anything except dangerous game...

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