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PG....Might think about....

....a roll around bench. When you want to smelt the lead, or cast the bullets, just roll the bench with all of the stuff on it close to the open garage door.

I am thinking of something that looks like a kitchen cabinet on wheels. I have an "in" with a home rennovation guy, (He is renting a house from me.) He said he can get me all the kitchen cabinets I want just for hauling them off.

There are several different opinions on dangers of hot lead. Lead vaporizes at far higher temperatures than can be achieved in the melting pots. Still many folks caution to wear masks. I never wear a mask and it has never affected my brain at all....DOINK!

But there are other harmful exposures during the process.

I am pretty careful to always have a double door open when I am casting or smelting.

I limit physical contact. I wash my hands good after I am done fooling with the lead. I never wear gloves when I am melting because of the dangers introduced by the bulky gloves. I have never once burned myself. But I do wear latex gloves when I am making up the cartridges.

I quench the bullets in water but I keep that water well clear of the melting pot.

As far as felt goes, I don't use wads much. But when I do make wads, I get a 100% wool hat from the thrift shop. They generally go for two to four bucks.
The felt in a good quality hat is a little thinner than the Durofelt that Hawg uses. Perhaps hats don't carry enough lube because of this thinner material.

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