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It isn't so much dollar inflation as much as it is constrained supply. While this may be part of it, other guns haven't gone up by 200% in the same time.
I disagree.

The guns that are cheaper now (Savage Axis, et. al.) have been made so by efficiencies in production. Use of CNC has reduced man-hours, computers have streamlined rcord and bookkeeping inthe back office, production has been moved out of Union Shop states to Right to Work states or even overseas, synthetic stocks have replaced checkered wood, scopes are made overseas..... compare apples to apples.

A gallon of gas or milk, even with the efficiencies introduced since then (5-10% of the gas is now ethanol) or even #2 yellow corn (which we are growing more of than ever, on less land, due to hyper-efficient agribusiness) is at least 3-4X the price it was 10-15 years ago.
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