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How is your barrel marked... .223 Rem or 5.56 NATO (Or, .223 Wylde)?
@Creeper - Thanks a lot for your quick answers! I will use that link as reference on the dimensions. My barrel is labeled "5.56 Nato"

The Hornady two die set should crimp. I have the same set. Put you dummy round in the shell holder with the die up that way it doesn't hit the case. Lower your handle and then slowly screw the crimp part of the die down until you feel it touch the case raise handle a tad and then slowly start screwing the die down until you get the crimp you want.
@jwrowland77 - I do not own a dummy round. Is that the same thing as a "snap cap" like at this link?

Do you realize that when you resize your brass, if you don't properly size them (moving the shoulder back the proper amount) the bolt will not close and result in the "round jamming in the chamber"?

If you don't use either a cartridge gage or a device to measure the amount you are setting back the shoulder, you might not be properly sizing your brass. So don't be too quick on jumping on the cases as being too long.
@jepp2 - This sounds like exactly what happened. How can I make sure to dial in my sizing die correctly?

Do you have a caliper? What length did you seat them to? Trim length is 1.750. You do not need to crimp for the AR. You do need to properly size the brass, and you may need small base dies (I did). You sound like you don't have a manual. (go get the manual!). How much H335 did you use?
@Edward429451 - I do have a caliper.
To be perfectly Honest I seated them to be the same height as some factory made ammo I have.
Here is a link to the die set I purchased, I'm not sure if they are "small base dies" like you mentioned.
I just got Hornady's Reloading Handbook (8th Edition) in the mail today.
I used 25.3gr of H335 powder.
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