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Yes I took it apart after the second round didnt eject (removed barrel assembly and trigger group from stock) turned barrel/bolt assembly over oiled a little and worked the slide a bunch of times to see if the bolt was getting caught by anything. I did noticed that the bolt was kinda lagging a little about 3/4 of the way back but, I just had to pull a little harder.

My thinking was it should be a smooth pull all the way to the back? This lag was only noticed when the bolt was pulled back slowly. I couldnt tell if I worked the bolt with any kind of authority. And the bolt was stuck at the same spot as the lag every time I fired.

Regardless, I think (cant be sure) that either the spring is too strong or something is hitting something else that I wasnt seeing ( Im sure the bolt is worked ALOT faster firing then I can manually work it) or an extractor problem. I have no idea how to fix those problems so back to the factory seemed like the best idea.
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