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+1 on crossdraw or a chest rig, which is somewhat similar.
That's how I carry my Redhawk. Unfortunately, the .44 mag is too much gun for her.

My gal has the problem of a (comparatively) weak wrist and a flinch that we're working on, but which makes her shooting of "enough" of a handgun problematic. I have a 6" S&W 617 22LR which she shoots pretty well.

On the theory that 10 rounds of something she can hit with is a little better than nothing, she started carrying the 617 in a cheapie holster as a crossdraw at 11 o.c., Her new Ranch Rifle is consigned to truck gun duty for now.

Thanks to all of you who commented, we've got some better ideas about how to protect her in cat country. I really appreciate it!

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