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Reloading .223 for an AR-15

I am new to reloading and could really use some input. I recently took my first batch of reloads to the range to test them out. Right off the bat my first round jammed in the chamber (still live). After getting it out, I put maybe 50-60 rounds of new ammunition through and had no problems at all. I then tried again with my reloads.. first shot no problem, 2nd shot jammed again.

I feel as though maybe the case neck was possibly getting stuck, but again I'm new to this any really not sure. Upon further inspection I realize I did miss a step and I had not trimmed the case necks to the proper length (not smart I know, but hey I'm new).

Before I start prepping for my 2nd run I had a few questions.
1) Is it necessary to crimp these rounds? - the two die Hornady set I have, does not crimp
2) What length should the .223 cases be trimmed to?
3) In what instance would one use primer sealer, instead of just seating the primer in without it?
4) Is there a difference in a 223 casing and a 556 casing?

Also... When I knocked the stuck rounds out of my barrel, the few taps that I gave them, pressed the bullet head inside the casing. I just don't get the feeling that I am doing this right because I can't image the bullet should go inside the casing that easily.

Press = Hornady Lock N Load Progressive Press
Dies = Hornady .223 two die set
Powder = H335
Casing = picked up from range
bullets = Sierra .224 55gr HP
primers = Federal small rifle

Thanks a lot for reading my post and any suggestions or input is more than welcome.
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