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Question Regarding Bullet Resistant Vests

Hey all, this seems to be the best subforum here for this post...

First off, I do live in CT, however I am both current military AND Security, so I can legally own and obtain (face to face) a bullet resistant vest.

Now that that's out of the way:

I do not make a whole lot of money in Security...I'm a Senior Supervisor (Sergeant) with a private security company (I work at a mall). I make $10.00/hr.

During the course of my four years with the company and on this site, I have been in a whole mess of situations, from brawls to an armed robbery. Several of my officers wears vests, a couple NIJ Lvl II's and one IIIA.

There is one fellow who has offered to sell me a Lvl II vest for pretty cheap, but, here's the thing. It's almost 12 years old.

Allegedly the fellow is an MP (I don't have cause to doubt this) and bought the vest following 9/11 and used it for 6 months stateside. He then "retired" the vest, along with one other, and it remained in storage at his unit.

He is now selling it...he shot up its sister vest and sent me the photos (stopped both a 9mm and .40 cal). I know it's well out of warranty, that doesn't really concern me...

I would be using this vest at work, and also as part of my "bug-out" kit. If I were a LEO, I would prefer a much newer vest...but, being a "mall cop", that's not really an option for me.

I have the evidence that the vest still works...but what are all your opinions? I realize this is less than ideal, but I've read everything online from the things fall apart after five years to them lasting MUCH longer if properly cared for.

His asking price is $150.00, and again it's a level II concealable vest.
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