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Remington Gun Club ...and Rem STS or Nitro hulls will all take the same recipe. Internally they are all the same - use the same components / but in general you will get way fewer reloads from the Gun Club hulls than you will from the STS or Nitro hulls ...because the plastic in the Gun Club hulls is thinner and more brittle.

You shouldn't mix hulls like Win and Rem ...there are length issues / they are a little different / and the quality of your crimps will suffer ...but internally the Win hulls and Rem hulls are different ...and require different wads.

I don't think you'll have much luck with the super target..because they're a cheap win hull that wasn't really intended to be reloaded - with that spot in the center being sealed with wax.

Just pick one type of hull ....get the recipe ...and load them up. Remember you need to use the specific primer listed in the can't mix and match 209 shotshell primers - they are not all the same / in fact some of them are very different.
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