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buck, I appreciate your civility great deal as well. I can certainly agree we see the stats differently. One confirmed, documented , attack with injuries every sixteen months, understanding the number of non-injury attacks and unreported attempts that were stopped does seem common to me. I can't think of any other wild predators in the lower 48 that could match that.
As for the wiki stats, I saw them as saying that there was only one adult male attacked and killed and he was 55 years old, arguably slower than say a 25 year old.

The most important thing you said to me however was that the child being attacked in the Denver post report was a result of a foreseeable and real danger.
This was my exact point from the beginning. I was trying to warn people of the danger involved with cougar encounters in the wild. It deeply worried me that you or someone else would go out possibly with children in tow, to see if you could see them in person, and thereby put you or them unwittingly in danger.
If you felt that way from the beginning, then maybe we ended up helping others.
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