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You guys are right. My wife says the same thing. The thing that really binds my cheese is the crappy customer service. I have a S&W 637, I had the thing to S&W, fixed, and back to me in under two weeks. The gunsmith told me that it would be at least a month, could be up to three, to get that Cougar back. The question I have is why Stoeger cant do the right thing by a guy, and just tell the dealer's gunsmith to give me a new one, and send the old one back? Or, barring that, why not pull the top end from a stock pistol they have, and send the flawed slide/barrel back? That would suit me just fine, and I would'nt have any complaints. Oh well. Oh and you guys are right about my really liking this pistol. I have been doing dry drills with it since I got it, and actually shooting it at every chance. I have a concealed carry class next week, and now I have to switch guns. The dont have any Cougars in the rental case. I shot with my Taurus this past weekend, and I think I will be ok.

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